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Spiritual Attack Paralysis During Sleep Explained

Okon was sleeping peacefully when he felt like a demon entered his room. Suddenly, the demon laid on top of him and started suffocating him. Okon couldn’t move his hands and couldn’t even run. It felt like a real life experience and Okon struggled to call for help as his tongue was stuck to his palate. Okon was sweating profusely and was at the verge of peeing on himself when he forcefully woke up. He was panting, pressed to pee but can’t get up from his bed out of fear that the demon he fought with is still in the room. Okon screams the blood of Jesus, reaches for the anointed oil by his bedside and anoints his forehead, gets the holy water bottle and sprays the corners of his room while praying against witches.
Okon believes that he has suffered a Spiritual attack.

If this sounds terrifyingly familiar, you experienced what is called SLEEP PARALYSIS.

The intruder is nothing more than a sleep hallucination, but the momentary paralysis is real. Although scary, the phenomenon results from your brain getting temporarily snagged at the transition from rapid eye movement (REM) sleep to an awakened state.

The scene seems straight out of a horror movie. But sleep paralysis is a reality for an estimated 8% of the population. Some studies show the spooky experience may be even more common, with 30% of people experiencing at least one incident in their lifetime.

This is NOT a spiritual attack…. You can rest assure that an ill-intentioned beast isn’t trying to crush your very existence or harm you. The moment can feel understandably petrifying and real — even after the paralysis and demonic hallucination have passed. But it remains only a SLEEP HALLUCINATION – your brain is struggling to overcome sleep while trying to regain full consciousness. This is 100% Medical and nothing spiritual.

Next time when you experience this, just know that you are not under any spiritual attack.

You can research more on this by studying this link


Also try to google SLEEP PARALYSIS and talk to your Doctor about it.

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