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Some Important Lessons For Davido To Learn From This Unfortunate Incident

This entire situation with Dave Adeleke made me aware of some of his employees and associates.
Away from the tragic incident, a couple of videos that I stumbled on these past few days had me shaking my head.

They gave me the impression of a superstar who has little to no restrictions.
My apologies if this seems like criticism but stay with me.

For some of these clips, which mostly had the deceased in a home setting, to be floating around IG, I found it rather disturbing.
And these are not the ones featuring the parents, just random persons with him.
I noted that some of them had to be unauthorised video recordings – that is if there are such rules in the first place.

There’s a particular viral video showing a young lady who’s purported to be the nanny, where she was giggling and flaunting the little boy as if she wanted to get her own 5 minutes of fame.

The first thing that crossed my mind was ‘unprofessional’.
My second thought was, how did the in-house video content make it to the public sphere?

Why should an alleged nanny or any associate to a superstar be fishing for comments and likes with their kid’s video?

Within this same period, I also stumbled on an IG page of a bodyguard to Dave.
It didn’t look like a dummy account.
That one had several photos of different moments with his oga. The brag photo captions and his IG bio made it seem like the rest of us can only wish for his job.

A celebrity bodyguard running an active IG acct didn’t look good in the least bit.
Worse still, one who seemed overexcited and very much thirsty for public validations, for a job that requires you being a mystery.

I thought about the fact that Dave is too rich to hire just any man with a big chest as a guard.

Sincerely, I hope this fatal incident sensitises him to the importance of reviewing the people in his circle.
The ones I’ve seen so far are famewhores and very basic and ignorant.

I guess he’s the type of person who doesn’t really mind allowing this and that because he likes you. Let everybody just be happy and be doing their thing.
There should be some introspection and tightening of loose ends.

BTV reporting

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