Simple Business Ideas To Make Money In Lagos State

Someone, somewhere, is sitting sadly right now with no money.

You are soooo sad and almost depressed.

Heaven sent me to tell you this…

Sit up and answer this question please, “What is that thing that you can start to do almost immediately that can bring a daily profit of 3k to 4k Naira?”

Can you please sit up or stand up?

Can you please clear your head so you can allow the brain to do some thinking?

3k to 4k daily is not a lot of money, but Heaven says to tell you that you first need that stability so your head can then start to process bigger things.

Remember, food, clothing and shelter are man’s most important needs.

So can we please attend to those using this simple strategy?

Yesterday, I sat down with the security guard in the house. His wife had a new baby and I went to visit her.

He is contemplating sending her back to the village while he works in Lagos.

So yesterday, I sat with him to teach him the 3k to 4k daily profit strategy.

Before she had the baby, she cleans three times weekly for a woman who pays 12k per month.

I explained to them that they would continue to struggle in poverty if they keep taking such opportunities.

With the 3k to 4k daily profit strategy, I gave her a list of things to do that can make such money and I offered to provide the startup capital for whatever idea she chooses provided she must be able to make 3k to 4k daily profit from it.

Here’s a simple list based on Lagos State ideas –

1. Find a spot where you stay to weave hair for kids and adult. Simple weaving is 1000 Naira. You can do 3 or 4 in a day if you have a decent setup under a shade.

2. Frying akara and koko (Koko is a pap variant). Sells like mad in Lagos, especially at night hours.

3. Cook only beans porridge and sell with bread or garri at a busy busstop. Lagosians and men love beans.

4. Early morning hot sweet jollof sold to those going to work at a busy busstop. Before 10am, you are done selling.

5. Carving of eyebrow and fixing of lashes for women. Like a mini brow/lash bar setup under a shade for low income women.

There are loads of options, I just needed to give examples of things that can earn such profits with little start up capital and some simple skills.

Enough of praying without direction.

Enough of wishing for opportunities but not really being able to say what you want.

Just choose something that can give 3k to 4k daily profit and grow from there.

This time used in worrying can be used for profitable thinking and even for launching out.

Look around you.
Walk around.

What simple ideas and opportunities do you see?

Just 3k to 4k daily and let’s grow from there.

I wish you strength. I wish you sight.

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