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Sightseeing for Today: Mount Mulanje, Malawi

Sightseeing for Today: Mount Mulanje, Malawi.

The mountain has so many beautiful falls and nature’s wonders. It is almost like, if you come to Malawi without visiting there, your visit is not really complete.

But the mountain is very difficult to hike. I went there but could not climb to the peak. The peak is 3002m above sea level. It is the highest point in Malawi.

The peak is called Sapitwa in chichewa language, which literary means “They don’t go.” To translate it, it will mean, “the place is unreachable” or “It is not a place you should go.” There are many myth of people going there and not returning. But of course, It is a myth. I heard that of recent, some tourists got lost in the mountain. . .so, it is a place you go with guides. It takes about three days to get to the peak, and another three days to return.

So, keeping this in mind, you will appreciate the pictures of Mervis on the cave who got to that peak and took some pictures in front of a cave that is very close to the peak of the mountain. I have part of my pictures as well.

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