Sia Has More Natural Talent Than Adele

There is only one Sia

Only one and she is effortlessly the most talented female pop artiste to work the microphone after Celine and Whitney.

Raw natural talent.

A vocal powerhouse and an unnatural ability to transcend genres effortlessly.

Last time I tried placing female pop singers side by side, I didn’t add her, because in her generation and even after, no one matches up to her in anything at all.

Her vocal range is second only to Celine’s and she proved it with her hit single – Chandelier.

Her voice could be soft, hoarse, silky, smooth, high pitched, and the beautiful thing is that she can throw every tone into one single chorus.

Some people who have only known Adele all their lives, think she’s the greatest in her generation, but they don’t know that the only edge Adele has over people like Sia, Christina and Dido, is that she attended music school and “was taught to sing” and also promoted heavily.

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