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Rida Driver Seems To Be Cheaper Than Uber And Bolt

I used Rida Driver yesterday on my way to the airport.

Rida is a cheaper version of Uber that is way cheaper than both Bolt and Uber, and the ride hailing app is running a free trial for the driver who signed up on its app as they don’t collect any commission from drivers at the moment.

That is one of the unique reasons why it is cheaper than its competitors and a way of driving growth, so I engaged the driver in a conversation.

In the conversation that ensued, I asked the driver, “Since you don’t pay commissions to Rida at the moment, how much do you make daily and how much do you make weekly from the Rida app?”

The guy smiled, and the other said

Averagely, I make 15–20k per day from Rida and then an extra 5k from Bolt because I use both.

Weekly, I go home with at least 120k and then 400k in a month.

Weekends, I can make 50,000 in one day, especially on Friday when I work 24 hours.

This is for the off-season.

During the festive period, I make between $500 and $700 monthly because demand is always greater than supply.

The ride-hailing business in Lagos is lucrative, but it is also popular. The challenge that most drivers have is that the car they are driving is expensive, but if you are driving your car, my brother, this business can pay your bills and make you comfortable.

I did a quick calculation in my mind.

This dude is making 400k in monthly income; let’s say he spends 150k on monthly car maintenance and fuel; he is left with 250k tax-free income.

A decent income to make at this time.

Another good thing is that he makes daily income, so he has a consistent cash flow because Rida does not collect commission from drivers yet.

If there is one lesson I have learned from my journey, it is that cash is king and cash flow is very important.

Nigeria is a land filled with so many immense and limitless opportunities; that is why foreigners are flooding in here daily.

The good thing is that you can start anything that generates daily cash flow as a salaried employee.

The barbing salon whete i barbs belong to a guy who works with zenith bank.

He opened the shop and recruited three barbers with an understanding of how much they would be remitting weekly.

The same with the keke that runs in my estate as well.

They all belonged to salaried people who generate daily income from the drivers driving the tricycle.

That your car that is idle can be given to an Uber/Bolt/Rida driver with an arrangement how much he can be remitting daily.

My people, we need to put on our thinking caps.

We are living in unprecedented times as a people.

The living standards have gone down to what they were in the 1980s because of dollar depreciation but we can’t resign ourselves to fate and give up just like that.

The bills are piling up, so we need to do what we can while hoping that we can get it right leadership-wise soon.

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