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    Redbull Is A Marketing Company


    During one of my research, I stumbled upon this fact and I decided to share it with you.

    RedBull is not an energy drink company, they are actually a ruthless marketing agency.

    The original Red Bull is called Krating Daeng, and it was created by an entrepreneur in Thailand- Chaleo Yoovidhya in the year 1976.

    In 1987 Dietrich Mateschitz joined Chaleo Yoovidhya as co-founder. Part of his success was not only restricted to selling a product but building a brand.

    RedBull isn’t a regular advertiser, it doesn’t do marketing like an average company.

    In fact, it doesn’t even manufacture drinks itself, yes it doesn’t have any manufacturing plant, they outsource the entire manufacturing process to an australian company and focus all their energies into doing what they do best that is “MARKETING”.

    RedBull’s approach to marketing is as unique as it is special. They don’t directly push their products to your face. They use experiential marketing to sell energetic feeling, refreshing experience, feeling of being awake, feeling of being alive.

    Instead of putting money on TV, prints, outdoor ads, RedBull associates itself with people and events but allows them to represent these exact emotions.

    Their revenue for 2023 was $11 billion dollars, they control 43% of the energy drink market. They sold over 12 billion cans, but they didn’t produce any of them.

    Kai, these people are worthy of studying!!!

    I am still studying them back to back!!!

    RedBull owns an F1 racing team, multiple football teams, hockey team and they sponsor major athletes.

    They also own Media and Music Company, AlphaTauri-F1 Racing Team, Travel Agency-Destination RedBull, Career Guidance Website-Wingfinder, etc.

    Just like drinks, Redbull doesn’t create music, clothes, or anything in a travel agency, all of it is outsourced to specialists.

    RedBull only concentrates on one thing, “Marketing” which is all about recall and association with a particular type of experience.

    It is all about being synonymous with words like energy, adrenaline, crazy, wings, flying, speed, extreme.

    By not advertising its product directly Redbull proves that you don’t need to show your product on people’s faces to convince them to buy it, sometimes all you need is GREAT CONTENT.

    What can you get from this story?

    You don’t need to own any product or service to MAKE IT BIG IN BUSINESS.

    If you’ve been waiting for capital to start your business, this should inspire you to know that with great sales and marketing skills you can become RICH.

    If you doubt me, take a cue from the big boys from Jvzoo, Warriorplus, Expertnaire, etc.

    It mustn’t be a digital product, it can be anything valuable, you don’t have to own it, just partner with a manufacturer or outsource the manufacturing process to a specialist, then stay on marketing.

    Remember, if you know how to market like MAD, you will make MAD MONEY.

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