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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Eat Jollof Rice All The Time

Jollof rice is meal that can be eaten on every occasion, Burial, wedding, child dedication, Christmas, new year etc. It can even be eaten every day of the week from Mondays to Fridays, but is that healthy?

Even though Jollof rice contains magnesium, zinc and other nutrients that keep it healthy. There’s some detrimental effects of eating too much Jollof.

Weight Gain And Obesity

This is because it has high calorie content which leads to weight gain and obesity. The lack of fibre and the fact that it isn’t so filling makes people consume more and more Jollof rice which in turns lead to weight gain.

It’s Bad For A Diabetic

It is not healthy for those with diabetes to eat Jollof rice. They are healthier types of rice that Nigerians do not know about. The kind which we eat here has such high carb and sugars and that is a no no for a diabetic.

It Leads To Constipation

Eating alot of Jollof rice can also cause constipation, especially when there are vegetables eaten alongside. This is because of lack of fibre.

So even though Jollof rice is much loved, one must be careful not to eat too much of it.


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