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    Reactions Choke, Photo Of LP Governor, Oti With President Bola Tinubu During The Meeting

    A meeting was held between President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the 36 governors of Nigeria on Wednesday at the State House to discuss national Issues. However, a photo circulating online from the meeting captured the presence of Alex Oti, the Labour Party governor of Abia State, alongside President Tinubu. This photo has sparked various reactions and comments from Nigerians on social media.

    One Twitter user, going by the handle name ‘Createwithlbrahim, commented that meeting the president in person would make it difficult to hold any hatred or disrespect towards him. They suggested that even if former governor Peter Obi were to meet President Tinubu, he would smile and address him as “Mr. President.”

    Another Twitter user with the handle name ‘Ibitoye Habeebnass’ addressed the governor’s apparent happiness in meeting the president, sarcastically referring to the obedient behavior of the governor and their family.

    A user named ‘Omoluwabi’ expressed confidence that the governor would have greeted President Tinubu by saying “Mr. President,” emphasizing their belief in the governor’s respect for the president.

    The reactions and comments from Nigerians online reflect a range of sentiments towards the meeting between President Tinubu and Governor Alex Oti. Some comments highlight the perceived deference and respect shown to the president in such encounters, while others make sarcastic remarks about the governor’s behavior.

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