Ravens Are Very Smart

Ravens are very smart birds.

I once read a report that revealed that Ravens are smart in a way that might cause humans serious concern.

For brains as small as theirs, ravens are smart enough to reason better than some higher apes. They generally reason at the same level of kids below 10 years of age.

An experiment was conducted and it revealed that not only are they smart, they also have ability of foresight and forethought.

A Raven could see a box , smell food inside the box , see a tool for opening that box and immediately reach for the tool. Even if you’re offering it a smaller but easily reachable bite of food.

Not just that, even if the box of food isn’t there, if you give it a tool to open the box, it will take it and stash somewhere, and then wait for you to bring the box. Once you bring the box, it knows to go and bring the tool from where it hid it to come and open the box.

Their communication is advanced.

They are capable of plotting deceit and even turning themselves against each other. They are deceptive and among themselves they steal from each other.

They could hide and wait for their mate to hide food the they go off and dig up the food to eat and because they know what they are capable of, they even go as far as pretending to hide food and deceiving whoever could be watching.

See this one, it’s applying every law of mass, matter, density and displacement of matter to bring the water level in the jar up so it can have a drink.

The average bird will simply pour the water on the ground and get nothing at the end of the day.

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