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Quick Money Advice

Quick money advice and how to create wealth.

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When you get an income raise don’t buy anything unusual

Matter of fact save & invest more. Most people’s spending will rise to meet their income. Growing the gap between what you earn and what spend is where wealth is created. When you have way more than you need, you’re wealthy.

Try to get paid everyday

If you spend money every day you need to make money every day. That means if you are paid hourly and don’t work 2 days a week, you aren’t getting paid 2 days a week. Find a way to get paid every single day of the year. Strive to get paid whether you’re working or not.

Pay Yourself first

You bust your ass at work everyday, when that paycheck hits your account, you are last in line to get paid. The government – taxes ,The bank – credit cards, mortgages & Car loans. Now you looking around wondering why you can’t build wealth. Pay yourself 1st.

Create an online income

Everyone should have an online instrument that is capable of making them $1,000 + on a random day Even if it only happens once a month. Add a website to your financial game. Stop playing defense everyday sitting back waiting for bills to be due. Create an online income.

End all your negative associations with money.

Excuses people make them feel better about not having money 1. Money is the root of all evil 2. Money can’t buy happiness 3. Money will change you 4. Wealthy people are greedy/selfish Change your belief system, change your life.

Take ownership

No matter your race, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation know these few things. 1. No one is coming to save you 2. You’re responsible for your own financial well-being 3. The world doesn’t care about your excuses, only your results.

Two ways to make money

There are two ways to make money: 1) Sell something 2) Work for someone who sells something. Moving from number 2 to 1 is how you will go from rags to riches.

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