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    Portable Beats Charles Okocha (Igwe Tupac) In Boxing Match

    Portable and Charles Okocha suddenly became sworn enemies this year over unresolved issues personal to them.

    The animosity was so deep that the two gentlemen could not stay in one room without wanting to go at each other.

    To resolve the beef once and for all, a celebrity fight was organised.

    This morning at the ring, Portable, who was street smarter, beat Charles Okocha in blue and black.

    The beating by Charles was mercilessly done as Portable vented all the pent-up anger and frustration on Charles without mercy.

    A proud father of two was beaten like a common thief by Portable, pummeled and disgraced by Portable who was baying for his head.

    As of this morning, Portable is the new Nigerian celebrity boxer champion, and he is the first of his kind.

    I wonder what Charles would tell his son.

    I also wondered who advised Charles to do this.

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