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Phyna Is Always Right (BBNaija)

You see that fight?

Anywhere Phyna is right – She is right..

Anywhere Phyna is wrong – She is also right.

Phyna is right 100%.

Her only wrong was not insulting the Shellas even more.

Her only wrong was even approaching them with a modicum of respect.

Her only wrong is not calling out Shella’s parents’ name by name.

Listen, dear friends.

Let no one gaslight you into political correctness in the moment you are set to treat a person’s fuq up.

Every day for the thief, one day for the owner.

The Shellas have run on disrespect unchecked for weeks in Big Brother’s house.

There is no one that Bella does not talk down to.

In private and in public.

From Level 1 till the merger.

It’s been the same nonsense.

These people completely blacklisted Adekunle.

They trashed Doyin until Doyin’s lips became permanently stuck to their ass for her own safety.

As a collective, Sheggz and Bella do the least, if not nothing to see that the household runs smoothly.

They depend on the collective efforts of the likes of Hermes, Phyna, Rachel, Chichi, Eloswag, Adekunle, to keep them safe from evictions, to run the house and feed the house.

Yet they are the most opinionated.
The most disrespectful.
The most condescending.
The biggest discord sowers, causing anarchy and division everywhere in the BBNaija House .

BBNaija S7 housemates will not live in trepidation of the Shellas.

And If Phyna is the HOH who looks them in the face and says – Enough of this nonsense.

Then Enough it is!!!

First of, that conversation about food had been had the day before and it was done so disrespectfully.

Sheggz & Bella said they were entitled to Eloswag’s food. There were no witnesses to their claims. Eloswag gave them his food list as proof, but they lost the food list that was handed to them.

Phyna said – Food of evicted housemates belongs to the collective house, except those requesting for the food, were in a food purchase group with the evicted housemates.

As HOH she gets to make that decision.

But Sheggz insisted, and when he did, Phyna said -” No problem, I’ll ask Big Brother”.

That should have been enough, but the Shellas did not rest. They went on making snide remarks.

Saying that Phyna and her crew just want to eat Eloswag’s food. Sheggz even had the guts to bark at Phyna – You don’t even like them, so why do you want to take their food?

He said – Everything goes smoothly in this house, until it is Sheggz and Bella’s turn and people start acting up, thereby insinuating that Phyna was specifically picking at them / being biased.

Sheggz even attacked Groovy for not speaking up for him and Groovy said – Bro, she said she will ask Big Brother, rest now.

They said Dotun was there, that Dotun heard gdjrkslkajak. Dotun came there and said he heard no such thing, they dashed him his own woto-woto.

These 2 idiots kept throwing tantrums, and Phyna did not reply.

She went for her movie date with Groovy and Bryan and on Big Brother’s instructions, spent the night at Level 3.

When Phyna returned to the main house today, her first point of call was the food. She confirmed that Eloswag & Chomzy’s food had been set aside, and she handed the food over to them accordingly.

Therefore, that conversation at the lounge about food during a wager task meeting was in my opinion calculated to irk.

Chomzy & Doyin were telling Bella & Sheggz that Phyna said that the main issue she had with their request was their manner of approach. That they were rude.

Sheggz replied: They told you that and you believed them? Cap!! It is Cap!!

Cap, Meaning: Lies. It is Lies.

You are discussing this nonsense in this nonsense manner in front of Phyna right there in a wager meeting, and you do not expect Phyna to be irritated.

When Phyna said all discussions of food should be suspended and they should all focus on the wager task.

She spoke to 4 people because 4 people were having that conversation- Chomzy, Doyin, Bella and Sheggz.

But guess who responded of the 4? Bella!! Only Bella the ekuke, and then Sheggz backed her response up.


The Audacity of the Shellas.

They can question but should never be questioned.
They can offend but should never be offended.
They can disrespect but should never be disrespected.

When they are done disrespecting people and the people respond in kind, Sheggz stands up and starts to shout – You crossed a line. There is a line. You crossed the line.

Sheggz decides what the line is. He sets the line for everyone and dictates what the acceptable levels of disrespect are, right after he is done slinging his own choice words of insults..

So I say yet again – Everything Phyna did right was right and all she did Wrong was right.

Anyone who can not deal will need to grow a tougher stomach. You can not keep dishing sh!t and not expect to eat it..

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