Big Brother Titans 2023

Pere Apologizes To His Fellow Housemates

This has to be the Highlight of today.

General Pere requested for an audience with the entire house, and it was Granted by the HOH Somadina.

The General started by saying contrary to what housemates think of him, he is a big softy and just hides it from people to see and that the gratitude Excersice they had and what the housemates told him of what they think of him really got to him.

He started off by apologising to Cee c, saying he knows he fell short of her expectations and he wanted her to forgive him, she responded and forgave him.

Then next was a very important person to him, Which is cross. He apologised to him, spoke about how their friendship started in 2021 and how it has grown and how much he loves him. No Homo. They hugged tightly and Cross kissed him on the cheek.

Then he moved to Adekunle spoke about their exchange of words during the Wager task rehearsals and begged for his forgiveness. Adekunle forgave him and inturn apologised for his own behaviour

Then he moved to Venita, spoke about how they have come a long way and how she supported him while he was in America. He apologized for his words and how he spoke to Venita and asked for her forgiveness and she forgave him

Next was Alex, he apologised to her for how he’s been acting lately and the narrative he portrayed that made her see him in some type of way, he apologised and begged for her forgiveness. She forgave him too

Finally Illebaye. Pere spoke about how they started off their father and daughter relationship and how in retrospect he feels him plotting for her to get a strike was a terrible thing to do, considering the fact that he said she’s his daughter in the house, he made mention of the fact that he noticed illebaye walked pass him during the Gratitude session, he wanted to pull her back but he understood how she felt. And also he added that although he is older than illebaye, he has learnt a thing or two from her. He apologised to her and begged for her forgiveness and also begged her to hug him. Illebaye was urged by the house to hug him and pere walked up to her and they hugged..While hugging her pere also whispered ..”Please forgive me”

After him Ike and Seyi also apologised for Thier behaviours.

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