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Packaging And The Woman In You

Packaging Or The Woman In Her..
What determine the “Value” and ” Worth ” of a container is in the content.
The “Woman” in a woman is not in her packaging, sexy looks or makeover.
What Is The Woman In her?

√ The woman in her is her ” Excellent Character ”
√ Her vision and aspirations..
√ Her dreams..
√ Her pride as a woman..
√ Her manner of dressing..
~ Your bride price is your pride.
Living with a man without it, simply implies expired product..
~ If you want your own man, leave other people’s men alone. And your own will locate you.
~ A man who asked you to get pregnant before wedding, is in love with pregnancy not you..
~ When you’re dating a man and he does not involve you in his daily activities..it means you don’t have a place in his heart.
Give him a break he may realize your worth.
~ Stop fainting and crying because a man propose to you..
Is a disgrace to womanhood,
To propose is not a favour rather the man should be shouting because he has found favour and a helper.
~ If you can’t take care of yourself, without the help of a man, you’re not due for dating.
~ If you’re dating for two years or three years now, without evidence, it implies you’re a “girl”
Not a woman yet.
Your looks can attract a man but only the woman in you will keep him.
In God We Trust…

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