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    Nigerian Market Is Quite Poor On The International Scene

    Where do I start from?

    You see that particular award that David lost to Tyla? It was merited. As much as I hated that “Make Me Squirt” song, it’s safe to say the dance for that video, trended more than the dance for Unavailable.

    But that’s not what I want to talk about, though.

    Why do Nigerians think that because we are one of the biggest countries in the world, that we give certain “brands” fame and relevance by associating with them?

    I heard how Nigerians said we were the ones who blew up Guinness Book Of Records because of Hilda Bassey. Today, I read another person say Grammy used Davido to shine on social media by nominating him, because they knew he’d keep talking about it on social media.


    You know, when Facebook was monetizing other countries, except Nigeria, it didn’t make sense to me. Because, I thought with millions of active users in Nigeria, Facebook owed us that favour.

    But there was something I failed to realize.

    Most of the big advertising brands that use Facebook, do not come from Nigeria.

    When I mean advertisers, I mean the brands responsible for Facebook’s income, which they give part of to creators.

    So, if no reasonable number of such brands come from Nigeria, why do you expect Facebook to pay us?

    Another reason for Facebook not paying Nigerians for ads on reels, is because we speak too many languages and many of our creators do not make contents in English. Whether you like it or not, that’s a problem. Because many of these advertisers run their ads and target it in foreign languages.

    South Africa, Morocco and Egypt are the only African countries where monetizaion is available. Morocco and Egypt speak Arab all through. I can count how many “big” brands from South Africa that pay Facebook for advertisement. How many can you count in Nigeria?

    I was telling someone the other day that iPhone doesn’t have a market in Nigeria and they were arguing with me. Until I asked him how many people he knows in Nigeria that are currently using iPhone 15 and he shut up.

    Nigerians cannot afford to buy the latest editions of iPhones, rather they use second hands. As a matter of fact, Iphone most likely has a market in South Africa or even Namibia, than they do in Nigeria. If tomorrow Apple comes out to say they are paying creators and Nigerians are not included, we will start shouting. Whereas, Apple doesn’t make a considerable income from selling to Nigeria.

    Designer brands like Gucci and the rest, have all come out to say that they own no store in Nigeria.

    So, when people come out to use our population as a yardstick for certain privileges, I just laugh. We have the quantity, but not the quality. Go and check most of the countries in Europe, they are not even up one-fifth of the population of Nigeria, but can you compare us to them?

    The Grammy doesn’t need any Nigerian artist to “blow” up the award ceremony. Heck, go and check those who fund the award ceremony as it is non profit, there’s no Nigerian or brand affiliated with Nigeria on the list. So, why do you people think you’re suddenly important?

    Stop using numbers when trying to argue your point. We have the numbers, yeah, but what value do our numbers bring to the table?

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