Nigerian Man Gives Lady N30 As Transport Back to her State For Not Allowing Him Have Sex With Her

A Nigerian lady, Christina has narrated how her friend was left humiliated after visiting a guy.

According to Christina, her friend left her city to visit a guy for the first time as they have been chatting for awhile.

However, on getting to his place, he requested for sex but she declined. Throughout the night, he made moves to touch her but the lady refused to let that happen. So he decided to driver to the pack the next morning.

The Shocking part of what happened is that he put N30 inside and envelope and handed it to the girl before bidding her farewell but she did not know how much that was inside.

When she checked and saw one N20 note and a single N10 note, she puts a call across to him only to discover that he had blocked her.

Christina who shared the story revealed the duo’s agreement was for her to pay while coming to his house and he will handle both the coming and going fare but due to her refusal to have sex with him, he decided to give her a ridiculous sum.

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