Nigerian man blasts girlfriend for complaining of his mum’s food being too salty

Social media recently buzzed with mixed reactions following a story of a lady who may have caused quite an issue with her boyfriend, Chidi, following her recent comment about his mother’s cooking.
In the screenshots of their conversation going around the internet, she had just met his family and was. However, she felt the mother got a bit too ‘excited’ as the food turned out salty, and she mentioned it to him.
For obvious reasons, this did not sit well with him and he immediately took offense. The boyfriend who said he ate the food and it wasn’t salty, accused her of mocking his mother’s cooking which he stated had sustained him for most of his life.
The lady, however, didn’t seem to understand his anger as she stated that she was only confiding in him. Chidi, however, wasn’t having it.
Clearly angry at her, he made it known that his mother is more important to him than their relationship as she has been the one taking care of him ever since his father died when he was a child. The girlfriend in retaliation accused him of being a mummy’s boy even at the age of 29.
Things pretty much escalated from there and the conversation may have left both parties considering a breakup
See screenshots of their conversation below:

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