Nigerian Labour Congress Abuja Airport

As if I had a premonition to leave my hotel early enough at 8:30.

Got to the Abuja airport to notice a very long stretch of cars going into the airport. A few cars were reversing. Quite odd was that cars weren’t coming out of the airport on the other lane.

News filtered back to us that members of Nigeria Labour Congress were staging a protest because of what happened in Owerri – the beating of the NLC President. Every movement was at a standstill.

My Bolt driver suggested I came down to hitch ride atop a bike. Unfortunately, the NLC guys stopped bikes from having a free flow for people.

Only one option was left – walk. I had no other choice.

I began trekking. Old, sick and young alike, united in anger against the government. We murmured and yelled and hissed.

The NLC guys had blocked the main entrances into and out of the airport. People were running in other not to miss their flights.

When we got to the main entrances, the NLC crew had set up a truck atop which they sang solidarity songs that boomed from the speakers. Their long luxury buses were packed across such that they made an entire blockade. They were cursing Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State in their songs, waving red flags, others with bandanas tied across their foreheads.

I thought of my left leg implants, but braced and kept walking.

An hour of walking and I’m inside the airport, a bit spent. The yoga of yesterday helped, I must say.

I wonder how many people will miss their flights today. They’ll be many.

What a nation.

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