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    Nigerian Army Immunization In The South East

    Nkwoemezie Timothy Onyedikachi wrote
    I’ve tried to stay away from some public discourse lately.
    But I’m so tempted to talk about the trending story in Anambra state. Our dear state. Nigerian Army
    Just like the “Salt-water Bath” years ago, rumor saw it’s way through the vacuum created by poor public enlightenment and, as you’ll remember, the yet to heal wounds of military invasion and dehumanization of people from this region.
    We condemn rumor mongers and those that try to politicize the situation, but Nigerian Army cannot be exonerated therein.
    They succeeded in psycho conditioning people from this part of the country to seeing military men as enemies who don’t come around to protect but to abuse and torture the innocent.
    We condemn those who peddled this rumor without verification, but we condemn abysmally, the Nigerian Army who, after witnessing the dehumanization of people in the guise of Python Dance, neither issued a statement nor arrested any of the soldiers involved in the evil act. Rather, they preferred to glorify the soldiers and deny the evil they meted out and were caught in.
    People of the South East needs free medical outreach but it can’t be from the military. Not now.
    Those clips; of hundreds of innocent people who were shot at Nkpor.
    Of people being forced to swim in and drink from a debris filled mud.
    Of people lying lifeless in the mud with gun wounds.
    Of people shot right before their mothers and fathers. They’re still very fresh. The wounds are yet to heal.
    What we need from Nigerian Army is justice and not “free medical outreach”.
    God bless!

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