Nigeria my country

I am tired of Nigeria!
Mr. Price is empty! Nothing to buy. It is like a small town hoping to recover from war.
They’d rather not print out your receipts these days. To save ink and paper. They ask for your email address to send the receipt online.
Shops are desperately trying to survive this recession by saving costs. Yet our lawmakers are buying new cars and pastors are finding new ways to milk people of their children’s school fees and their last naira for lunch.
A bottle of groundnut is now N500. It used to be N350.
Cocopops is N1,500.
I used to get complimentary branded flipflops, straight from the factory, everytime I stay at Colonades. Two toilet rolls. Two soaps. Three bottles of water. Shower cap. And a vanity set.
Now? No flipflops. No shower cap. Only one soap. Two bottles of water. And no vanity set.
Flight tickets have refused to go down.
All the shops at malls are closing down.
Christmas is here. I attempted shopping at the market, and there’s nothing to buy. The women don’t have the patience to explain…they all are upset, frustrated.
One educated lady, where Prisca and I bought lingerie, took her time to explain to us how difficult it has been for traders in the last year.
I empathise. It is tough!
With dollar exchange at N500… pray tell, what can we buy and sell these days?
I tried starting an online negligee shop. I closed it down when I couldn’t balance my accounts because I was selling at cost price.
The malls are hot. I am sweating like a pig at a popular mall on the mainland at the moment. The A/Cs are turned off. Now the generator is off. No light. And it doesn’t seem like it’ll be coming on anytime soon.
At a major mall on the mainland!!! Fuel is god. Sweat dripping to your panties like you are committing a crime shopping.
We tell our aged fathers and grandfathers to rest, take things slow, retire to the village or go for regular check-up. They suffer osteoporosis, alzheimer’s disease, emphysema, arrhythmia, arthritis… old people’s sicknesses.
So, at what point did we begin to believe a grandfather could somehow fix this country?
My father is in the village. He is old. As much as he’d like to ride a bike and toast a hot 26 year old girl… age have conversations with his joints and his entire body everyday, telling him to chill. Some things are impossible for the mind and body of an aged man, no matter his good intentions.
Old people need rest. Or at best a chieftancy title in a quiet town where the biggest crime is stealing a goat; not ruling 170 millon people!

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