Nigeria Lady Rita Shared Her Testimony To Social Media Today

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“My name is Rita, this is a picture of mine.
I prostituted during my university days.
As a result of this, I had 4 abortions and
the last one damaged my womb and almost took my life.
I saw hell during my last abortion and I
thought I was going to die.
I promised God
that I will quit prostitution if He spares my
life and God be praised, He gave me a second chance.

After getting married last year, I couldn’t
take in because I had no womb but my
husband did not give up on me.
One night, while I was sleeping.
A man
appeared in my dreams.
He dressed in a
white garment and He placed his hand on
my womb.
I knew it was God who gave me
a new womb.
Before the man disappeared
from my dreams.
He asked me to share this
testimony and that anyone who reads it will
receive an instant miracle and breakthrough.
As soon as I woke up, I undressed and made
love to my husband.
Today, I’m a mother
of triplets ( 3 boys ). Don’t be surprised
for He is a God of impossibilities miracles.


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