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Nancy Isime And Shanty Town

Now that the noise has died down small, jen wi temi.

When Shanty Town dropped last week or so, (haven’t seen it, yet, but Nollywood folks and people who are friends with Nollywood folks are saying e sweet, while people on my Facebook timeline are swearing that they will carry the producers and directors and scriptwriters and actors— except Chidi Mokeme— to the International Criminal Court) and Nigerians were on their own; watching the movie and dropping their hot takes as usual, when Nancy Isime came to her Instagram unprovoked to say: “Everybody, come and hear o, you see that yansh wey RMD dey press for this Shanty Town feem wey una dey look so, no be me get the yansh o. Na feem trick”

First of all, Nancy, who ask you?

One of the excuse people are making for Nancy Isime’s unprofessional “no be my yansh” nonsense is that it is Nigeria and our sculture this and our culture that.

My respected junior brother, James Ogunjimi, even compared it to Kim Kardashian using sex tape to blow say if na here she for no blow.

First of all, Kim Kardashian didn’t use her sex tape to blow. She was born into a wealthy family. Her later family show had a cult following and she was an astute business woman. Plus she has always rolled with celebrities. I mean the woman has working her socks off to breakout in the entertainment industry as far back as the early 90s where she featured as a vixen in a 2pac music video.

I can list like 10 American celebs with sex tapes and none blew up as she did.

Also it is a complete lie to say she didn’t get flak or trolling for the sex tape. She did. She got trolled online. Sex scenes was cropped from the video and turned into memes. In fact, years later, after she married Kanye West, one werey printed a clip of her sucking Ray J preek on a massive flag and brought it to a Kanye concert and waved it around as Kanye was performing!

I promise you that even Tiwa savage 10 second sex tape was forgotten faster than Kim Kardashian’s. And nothing happened to her career or her fame after that video came out.

In the 90s, we had movies like Glamour Girls, Domitilla, Graveyard. We had sex icons like Cossy Orjiakor, Shan George, Ann Njamaeze etc. Later we had films like The Prostitute where dem show bare yansh knacking. Raw!

All this noise like na yesterday Nollywood begin show bress and yansh for film give us for Nigeria is hilarious. Even more hilarious is the excuses people are making for the childish unprofessionalism of actresses like Ms. Isime. After dem don post thirst traps finish for IG, dem go come carry the same mouth wan form good church gehs wey no dey let anybody press dem like bread.

Who exactly are they fooling?

The most annoying and pathetic thing is an ACTress coming to tell us a scene in a movie she ACTed a role is not real. Is the ACT in her title a joke to her?

That’s why dem no dey nominate una feem for Oscars. You people in that Nollywood are just HD cameras, fine aesthetics and barely any depth.

Anyway. I don talk before say since she sa no be her yansh be that make she post her real yansh and the fake one make we compare side by side. Because until then It is her yansh and she should allow us enjoy the thing.

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