My Experience With Baba Dudu

Baba Dudu Pro max!

It was in 2014, October precisely.
Yours truly was a staff in a hotel in Sagamu Ogun state.

In the 40 days I worked there, I witnessed some very strange things, in the order of their strangeness, this takes number three. (I think)

Coker Hotel was/is quite a big hotel with eighteen rooms, some of the rooms, especially on the ground floor were for short time stays… You know, an hour or two for prayers 😒😒😒

I had a regular short time customer, I will call him Baba Dudu. He came daily, with different prayer partners…🤦‍♀

Baba Dudu would bring in the lady, sorry, prayer partner, pay 1K for an hour in room ‘Ruby’, buy a bottle of Orijin and a bottle of Grand Malt.

It went on for about two weeks, Baba Dudu came daily, same routine, same bookings, different partners.
Until one day!

Bad day devil drank Viju milk!

Those who know the tale of my 40 days in this hotel know that I was a lone staff. I worked alone in the hotel, except for John who manned the gate.
On this fateful and funny day, my six month old baby, Inu was fussy, I was having a hard time managing the affairs of this hotel and my child, that was when Baba Dudu arrived.

We exchanged pleasantries. I did not like him, but he was a regular face already, one day gan sef he asked if I cared for Orijin 😁

When he arrived, I booked his room straight away, but that day, he bought two bottles of orijin, two bottles of Smirnoff, plenty fried meat, he wanted the generator on and papanbari, he booked for two hours!

Ha! Mo wa perplexed! I had to look at his prayer partner…she was new, very fair, round and pretty with three gallons of makeup.

I did all he wanted.
Gave him the Ruby room.
He would pay me after the ritual of two hours…

I went back to nursing Inumidun.

Two hours later, Baba Dudu dinor come out!

I gave them fifteen minutes more to round off… I knocked lightly sha to let them know wí pé, asiko af reach to exit.

Guess what, Baba Dudu opened the door, smiled and told me he wanted an hour more!

Baba Dudu!!! You want to die ni?
“Sekosi?” I asked foolishly
“Kosi” he said and winked conspiratorially at me…
He told me to help myself to whatever I wanted and to bring one more bottle of Smirnoff.

I left him.
Took a bottle of Grand Malt and four pieces of meat for myself!

I was attending to someone in room Platinum when I heard a door open downstairs , I rushed down and it was Baba Dudu exiting his room after three hours thirty minutes.

“Iya Baby” he called me.
I noticed the lady was angry.
Baba Dudu sha said I should calculate his money and meet him by the car.
Baba dudu dinor have car, it is Okada that use to bring Baba Dudu. Maybe he just bought a car! No wonder!!! Tiri hours with generator! I should have taken two bottles of malt niyen…

I quickly told him I had his bill.
It was less than 8K. Baba Dudu said I should follow him to the car. I wondered why he parked outside when Coker hotel had two extra plots of land in that compound.
I followed them, holding Inumidun in my arm.

At the gate, angry girl stopped a bike immediately and left. I looked around, no car. I looked at Baba Dudu, he looked at me.
I smiled, something like: “Daddy gimme my money” he smiled back, then a miracle happened.

Guess what?
Ani pe you should guess!
Baba Dudu started to run.
It was like a scene from a movie, so my first reaction was laughter, until my mind whispered “7800” in my ears…

“Ha” I ran after him.
That was the first time I saw Usain Bolt in real life.

He sped off and I stopped running, I was holding a child. I stared at him as he ran not looking back… I watched until he disappeared.


With my mouth opened, I went back to the hotel, John was waiting… I could not talk.
My mouth did not close… I went to the Ruby room, boya maybe he left money there.

Shebi it was only mouth I opened before?
I opened the room and my mouth closed, broken bottles, used condoms, broken cups…
I went into the bathroom…😭 I still do not know what happened, boya they did a swimming competition o, abi they were doing “splash me I splash you, survival of the splashest!”😂
(It took me over two hours to clean that bathroom!)

I sha locked the door with the card, went to my room, locked the door, dropped Inu on my bed and began to curse Baba Dudu in English 😂😂😂😂

In case you’re wondering, I never saw Baba Dudu again!

-Bose La’bos

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