MUST READ: What The Lord Told Me That Will Happen In June When I Was Praying- Pastor W. F. Kumuyi’s revelations

Even though it is only the first day of a brand new month, Christians have already begun to hear from God about the upcoming happenings that will take place in their life. These are the kinds of messages that God communicates to his people through the servants that he has anointed, and those servants communicate them following how the spirit directs them to do so.

In this regard, Pastor W. F. Kumuyl, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has just recently divulged, in the form of a video that was just recently uploaded to the YouTube account of his church, what God revealed to him about what will take place in June 2023 while he was praying about it. This video was uploaded to the Deeper Christian Life Ministry’s YouTube channel. The questionable occurrence is not expected to take place until the year 2023. All of this information was shared by him during his participation in the series” Treasure of Grace.”

In his own words, he explained, “Acts 3: 21 says, Heaven must receive Him until the time comes for God to restore everything, as he promised a very long time ago through his holy prophets. “He cited this verse to support his point, saying, “Heaven must receive Him until the time comes for God to restore everything.” To bolster his argument, he referred to the following passage and said, “Heaven must receive Him until the time comes for God to restore everything.

I have some news to pass along to you, brothers and sisters: the month of June 2023 has been decided upon as the one that will be put into action. Why? During the time that we spent praying together, He made it very obvious to me that He is going to restore you in every element of your life, including your marriage and your physical well-being. I am excited for you! This month, His hands will be upon you and your household to offer protection and provision for both of you. It has been decided that the conflict in which you suffered your most recent loss shall be the only conflict in which you take part.

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