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Most Expensive Foods In The Market Recently

The price of all foodstuffs in Nigeria has increased astronomically both the cost of some food items.
Anytime you go to Market. The seller will tell you “Everything don cost now” and that is true. Going to the market to buy anything these days would have you astounded. The cost of living in Nigeria is so high.
Here are 4 Most Expensive Food items;

1. Garri

Before this a good you can buy when you’re broke. You could get a Derica(measuring tin) for as low as N50. Now half paint of garri is 600 while the full paint is N1200.

2. Tomato Paste

Tomato paste was something you brought when you did not have money to buy fresh tomatoes. Nowadays, if you are buying tomato paste you are Rich. It went from N50 to N150.

3. Sachet Water

The people who drink bottled water will not relate but sachet water used to be N5 for a unit and N100 for a bag of water. Now it is N20 for a unit and 200 for a bag. The price doubled.

4. Chicken

In the good old days, you can get half a kilo of chicken for N650. Nowadays, it is priced something between 1800 to 2000.
Rice would be given a honorary mention but it has been expensive since this regime came on board and closed border.
What is the most Expensive thing you have bought in the market recently?

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