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Mistake Nigerians Living Abroad Make

Some Nigerians Living in America, Europe, SA Invested in Chinmark.

The wrong thing about this is that if you live outside Nigeria, the only thing you should think of investing in Nigeria is in Real Estate – and it must be in your name.

You invest first in a country – not the company.

Your investment in a company is actually investment in the host country.

A good investor will not overlook the economy of the country they are investing in while focusing on the brand they are investing in.

If you live in America or Europe, you have the most advanced financial markets to invest in. It will take either ignorance or greed to invest in a Nigerian company offering crazy interests.

Recently, I analyzed How Billionaires in the class of Dangote are growing faster than Dangote – simply because of Dangote’s nation’s economy. Dangote works harder than most of his equals but they have all outgrown him.

You can’t be in America and think that your investment is more secured in Nigeria – what’s the growth rate of Nigeria’s economy? Do you think that any company will do better than the economy it is functioning in? Even if it does so well, factor in the impact of the value of its currency and advise yourself.

There’s a reason most of my companies are registered in America, South Africa and Europe.

There’s a reason I moved most of my family’s investments to America.

Those of you in America should be helping our brothers in Nigeria to invest in America, Europe etc.

Am I saying you should not contribute to the development of your country? No. I am contributing to NIGERIA’S development through EDUCATION…. But I will not carry money into Nigeria hoping to recover that Money from the current economic climate. Nigeria is However a big market…. So if you want to sell, Nigeria is the place to sell. But remember, selling is not investment – that’s if you know what an investment truly is. I sell in Nigeria but unless Peter Obi wins, I am not willing to invest in Nigeria.

If you are living in Diaspora, invest where you live. Your capital should remain in the financial market of your country of residence. You can transfer your profits, income or funds you don’t rely on to buy property in Nigeria. Real Estate remains the only safe investment in Nigeria – but you must be careful. If you need to sell a property in Nigeria, you will wait forever.

Nigerians who Invested in DAAR COMMUNICATIONS (AIT TV), etc many years ago, ask them how market?

You can expose collapsed Ponzi but do you know that most big companies and banks in Nigeria has lost investors money over the years – solely because of the economy?

Think or ask questions.

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