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Mercy Eke Is The Only Winner Of BBNaija That Rocked BBN Stardom Fully

In the history of BBN 7, there has only been 1 winner who rocked the platform of BBN stardom and continues to live it up buzzing..

No one did it before her, and no one has been able to outdo her…

That winner is Mercy Eke.

This goes to show you that for the most part, BBN fans have been voting nonsense.

A star of a reality show like BBN should be the person who served the most content, the king / Queen of highlights, the one who brought the most life & drama to the show, and absolutely loves the spotlight.

Oftentimes, this is not the person you vote because Nigerians and Pity votes na 5 & 6.

If merit is the goal:

The BBN season Efe won – should have been won by Bisola.

The BBN season Miracle won – It should have been won by Ceece.

The BBN season Laycon won – It should have been won by Erica, unrivalled.

The BBN season – Whitemony won – should have been won by Angel / Liquorose / Pere/Cross.

The BBN season Mercy Eke won was the most competitive, and her competitor, Tacha, would also have delivered on the job massively, had she won.

This year, some of you want to repeat the same nonsense mistake, by voting a sleeper.

I repeat; Of all 7 seasons, only Mercy Eke has rocked the platform of BBN winner like a Boss Chick.

You people do not vote merit, you keep on voting sentiments.

You were able to enjoy the show only because someone else brought the drama and made it interesting, but when it is time to vote, na sentiment ona go dey vote.

Hopefully, this season, Phyna fans ensure that y’all do not repeat this mistake.

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