Man Shares Tips On How To Childproof Your Swimming Pool Following Davido’s Son’s Death

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I’ve searched everywhere to find the tiniest clue that this is fake news…

But everything points to the reality of this sad news…

As a father, I can’t imagine losing a son in such a terrific way… I can only imagine the pain of Davido and Chioma each time the images of their son drowning in a swimming pool replays in their mind. A part of them have died. It is impossible to heal from this pain.

As always, there’s a lesson to learn…. This post can save another child’s life. Please read soberly:

When I installed a fence around my swimming pool, a female friend told me my pool no longer looked modern…

I told her about D-Banj whose son drowned in his swimming pool in 2018… I told her that male-children are extremely unpredictable. Gladly, I convinced her that protecting a child’s life is better than a world class looking swimming pool. She ended up installing a fence around her pool too. One day, she found her child mysteriously alone at the pool side but fortunately the fence stopped her from going inside the pool unattended. She WhatsApped me the scary picture with a “thank you for your advice”.

The door leading to my swimming pool is 247 locked. The only way a child can go to the swimming pool side is if an adult unlocks the door. There are 3 cameras connected to the internet with high alert mode watching every movement around the pool side. I receive alerts on my phones for every movement around the pool side. This level of security was inspired by D-Banj’s case. It broke me that what a father built for the pleasure of his family could end up causing the family the deepest pain. I decided never to let my wealth bring me sorrow.

If you have a swimming pool, you must implement EXTRA security and protection measures even if the extra measures distorts the beauty of your space – this is the lesson every swimming pool owner should learn and Implement ASAP. This should be the last time we will lose a child in such horrific manner.

While we wait for an official statement from the Adelekes, we can only pray and learn. Act immediately. Secure the lives of our children.

My heart goes out to the Adelekes. And to our son Ifeanyi, WE FAILED YOU. WE ARE SORRY SON 😢.

Never again.

Charles Awuzie

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