Man Shares His Experience Flying Green Africa Airline

When I got information from Worital that they couldn’t book Arik or Air Peace from Pwerri to Lagos and that they’d booked Green Africa, I was a bit worried.

You know the thing about being comfortable with what you’re used to, especially regarding flights and choices of airplanes.

When I saw Darlington Chidera Ibekwe fly it, I reached out inbox and asked him how the experience was, his reply was, “Too loud, not too comfortable.”

Being a curious mind, I focused on statistics instead of experiences.

As we were boarding I saw the reason for the loudness. The twin engines had external propellers as opposed to the propellers that are encased within which is the norm for many airplanes.

When I got into the cabin, I saw people fanning themselves. Ah, how come the cabin was hot, I thought.

As we prepared for takeoff, the ACs came on, lightly at first and then full blast.

The takeoff was very smooth. I got cold at some point despite wearing my hoodie.

Apart from the unsmiling weather at landing, the flight was enjoyable. When we landed, the pilot rushed out to go to pee. Dude had kept it in like a man.

The airline communicated via email and text messages about the shift in flight from 3 PM to 5 PM. They sent text message about checking in online if I only had a hand luggage. As soon as we landed and the plane taxied to a stop, I got another text message. They called me “gCustomer.” I loved it.

I’ll be flying them back to Owerri once I’m done in Lagos.

Their prices are actually fair, comparatively. You can give them a try if you want an alternative to your normal airline.


Green Africa Airline

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