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Man Narrates How Alex Otti, Abia State New Governor-Elect, Helped Him Buy A Car

Ndi Abia, a decision made by your incoming governor was the reason I was able to buy my first car.

He was the CEO of an organisation I was working with. One day, in order to expand the retail arm of our business, he mapped out a given target and implored every staff to endeavour to achieve the set targets within a specific period of time in order to grow the business.

Many staff tried their best but many also were not as committed as they would have been because, even though Alex stated in his email that there would be some reward for those who meet set targets, he didn’t specify what the rewards would be.

I was one of those who met the target to a reasonable degree. I was travelling and attending a training in Owerre with some colleagues when some of us began to receive alerts. None of us received less than 600k. I received 800k. Add that to the orishirishi wey been dey my account before then, I counted my first million in naira as an adult. Fiam, Toyota Corolla straight! 🙂

Seriously, I am hopeful that Alex Otti will transform Aba, inject funds into its shoe and other myriad businesses and guide the development of the state in cooperation with stakeholders and private business interests without auctioning the state’s wealth to the elites.

He is a strategic investor and manager who knows how to grow businesses and income by properly incentivising the public and the people he works with. He will serve the people’s interests.

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