Man Narrates His Travails Before Getting His WAEC Certificate

According to him, it was going to buy puff puff with his own money that angered him most.

10 years ago, I walked into Yaba WAEC office at 9:10am to apply for my statement of result to sent to a school in US.

I needed it urgently and asked for expedited service. I was told I have to go meet the secretary.

Met with the secretary.

The secretary told me bluntly that it would take 2 months even if I expedite and send with FedEx.

I asked her why, she said that’s the process except I want to shake body small. It would cost me N5,000.

Such a cancerous society, I had no other option.

Counted the N5000 and gave it to her.

This lady legit counted the money, took out N500 and asked me to help her buy puff puff and malt across the road.

Ah! Me! with my own money.

Never been furious and helpless in my life.

I went and got her the malt and puff puff.

Only God can save Nigeria from this civil service cancer.

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