Man Caught In A Hotel With A Married Woman

This is the story of a married man caught in a hotel with a married woman
It’s like the husband of the woman laid ambush for them with his thugs or so.

👏👏👏👏👏👏 Stay away from married women you will not hear.
Some men are now smart enough to deal with the one sleeping with their wives unlike the age long tradition of beating up the woman.
Hehehehehehe, the woman that slept with him, should be going back to her fathers house from there, for the man to have dealt with this guy omo he has been trailing the both, she will definitely get her own hot soup. Very good for him next time he won’t sleep with a married woman after this incident,he will surrender because of the spiritual slaps, he must have seen his ancestors as he body turn red.
My Edo people have changed the game

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