Life Of An Abuja Big Girl

In cosmopolitan cities, it is a dog eat dog affair.

The average Abuja babe is on a mission . A mission to get a car and an apartment in less than a year.

They usually come during NYSC Programs and they devise a means of being posted to Abuja from their bed rooms in their respective cities.

After Abuja posting, the next target is National Assembly primary assignment posting. After watching these politicians on NTA news, the easiest way to latch on them is to be posted to their ”dormot”.

They have boyfriends in their various cities but those ones are for marriage when they have made the real money in Abuja.

Most females see Abuja as the cash cow. Where money flows on the streets. When you come to Abuja, the big men reside there. These babes are already armed with these men’s phone numbers on entry.

Matter of fact, these politicians have their pimps. These are ladies who have “retired” in the business, married and doing local purchasing and supplies business on the side.

You get a big man’s number from madam, you provide the percentage for introduction after business and sometimes the politician credits madam pimp before hanty sees her “man friend”.

It’s one politician that pays for rent or realistically 3, a business man pays for food, mobile phone and credit. The contractor with his epileptic earnings pays for cloths or quarterly bleaching cream supplies and the abroad dude supplies or pays for the Brazilian hair and pocket money.

She is witty, posh and speaks very well in americano-venezuelan accent. When you see her, she looks like that babe from a fashion magazine but just ask her what the effects of corona virus pandemic is on the nation’s economy and you will see what you are dating.

Her boyfriend in that commercial city still calls and it’s “baby things are hard for me”. She will demand for cash and that mumu will wire immediately.

She is sharing a room in wuse 2 with 5 girls. Their loads are just beside their headrest, no wardrobe whatsoever, just a space for their small shrine consisting of their Kayan mata and red candles to keep their pay master committed.

Her Instagram page is on flick. When her friend that lives in lugbe in her self- contained apartment visits her, she is full of herself, talking about the posh restaurants her invincible man friend takes her to.

Her phone is always charged, the battery no de ever run down.

Once oga calls, she is out! No excuses, none whatsoever. If you ask her what she does for a living, na interior decorator as if there are no other job portfolios again in Abuja.

Oga gets her a job so she is now making money from two solid streams of income, no 5 actually. When small bobo calls from that city, to know how his baby is doing, she is so demure, very respectful afterall these men that are one leg in the grave and one leg out, won’t marry her.

Finally, she gets that one room apartment in garki 2, tastefully furnished by her grandfather’s age mate and another big GOD surprises her with a car.

These men are usually on ghostmode. You never ever see an Abuja big babe with her big GOD never oh well, in the dead of the night.

She keeps telling her friends in that commercial city about the dazzling lifestyle in Abuja and what they are missing and that one will go to NYSC office in her city to arrange her own posting to Abuja.

Katchy Ohiaeri, 2020

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