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    Let’s Learn To Appreciate And Grow Our Own Platforms

    You’d agree with me, that the Grammy’s are best at using African creatives to spread their awards deep into Africa.

    It’s like Nigeria versus one small village in your hometown, that’s how big they are, they don’t fully know our music culture, they just wanna bring us close because of our exponential growing popularity.

    Now, they knew no way any song would have beaten Rema – Calm down or it’s Remix hence they didn’t nominate it.

    Same way a year before, “Wizkid – Essence” lost, a song that was the biggest as at then.

    Davido had several interviews with the recording academy prior to the show, lifting hopes of Africans, they even had Burna boy in their performaning artists list to further raise hopes of Africans.

    Now the Best African Music performance award, which was given to “Tyla – Water” a South African. As she goes to pick the award, they were playing “Fela – Water” doesn’t it mean that they really didn’t even know about their songs or they were just wanting to compensate Nigerians?

    It’s time we embrace our pioneer African award organizations,

    it’s time we create categories where these white gets to fight for a spot at least,

    it’s time our artists do songs without having Grammy in mind.

    It’s time we see that Grammy are given to a selected loyal few that are humble,

    that was why “Killèr Mike” even on picking the first yesterday knew he was coming to pick an extra one— he literally said “he would be back for more”, he won 3 out of 3 nominations.

    – Snoop Dogg has no Grammy

    – Nicki Minaj has never won a Grammy

    Every year, Africans gets angry at the Grammy, and when the next award comes close they find a way to infuse Africans inside to further go widespread, just like they knew Fela was a symbol of Afro beat, they kept nominating his son with nothing awarded and now they are on the tails of our very own Top artists.

    Let’s please see beyond white peoples award and embrace and grow our Headies award to global relevance.

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