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    Legally Speaking, The Hakimi And Mom Story Makes No Sense

    Although the now viral story about Hakimi escaping divorce settlement because every dime he makes is transferred to his mother’s account and all his assets are held in his mother’s name is not verified yet, I know it sounds like some really smart move but it makes absolutely no sense, legally speaking.

    I repeat, legally speaking. Maybe it makes sense to you every other way speaking but it is completely absurd LEGALLY SPEAKING; except of course, there are other aspects of the case, legally speaking, that I don’t know yet.

    But from the facts being bandied around, it doesn’t make sense for any court to arrive at that conclusion. Let me explain briefly, so that you will see the absurdity you are probably missing.

    You say ALL HIS money and ALL HIS assets were transferred from him, by him, on his instructions to his mother… and/or held FOR HIM by HIS MOTHER… Stop! Read that again… have you seen it?

    You already know, I know, the world knows, that he is the one who OWNS ALL THE MONEY AND ASSETS with his mother… we know how much he makes a week, a month, a year… and we all know where the money is… ALL of you said the money is with the mother… so, how exactly is he going to convince the court that he is broke?

    Please, come and educate us on how he will convince any judge that he is broke with all these facts in the public domain… Even if this story is fake or turns out to be fake, at least we learn something.

    – Firsts Baba Issa

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