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Lagos Was The Federal Capital For 77 Years

You want to cook soup..

You mix Ofe nsala with Okra with gbegiri with fisherman soup with owho & banga with Afang with black soup etc..

And when the soup is ready and brought down from the fire, you tag it Yoruba soup.

Uche + Ejiro + Haruna + Osariemen + Tunde + Uduak, gathered money to build a house.

When the house was ready, Tunde insisted that the property is solely his.

This analogy is apt for those of you who refer to Lagos as Yoruba land.

Lagos was the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria from 1914 – 1991.

Is 77years of Federal funding beans to you?

FCT Pre-Independence and 31yrs Post – Independence.

As FCT, Lagos benefitted TREMENDOUSLY from loads of capital projects and developments funded from Federal reserves.

What that means is that monies made by Nigerians and derived from every other part of Nigeria including lagos, were merged together and invested into lagos to develop it.

Once again, for how long – 77yrs.

It also means that as FCT, people from various parts of Nigeria were pulled to Lagos for all kinds of Federal jobs and opportunities.

Just think about the numerous Federal parastatals – NEPA, NITEL, Water Corporation, Railways etc…All of these bodies had workers from all over Nigeria and there were housing estates built for staff, all living and working in Lagos.

They worked here, got married here, had their children here, built their lives and networks here in lagos…etc and they contributed humongously to commerce & trade, investments and the general economic welfare of lagos.

It’s just like walking into a government office in Abuja and expecting to see only Hausa / Fulani people.

It is not possible..

The moment Abuja became FCT, it triggered the relocation of members of every single tribe in Nigeria to Abuja by virtue of Federal Positions, Businesses and Opportunities, and justifiably so because funds from the states of all those different tribes are being invested in Abuja. This was the case with lagos for 77yrs.

There are a lot of Yoruba and Igbo people in Abuja today who only moved there because – FCT.

Igbo people and other Non-Igbo tribes did not leave their states to settle down in lagos because Yoruba people had made lagos so habitable..


This happened because lagos enjoyed the title and all the benefits of being the FCT for 77yrs.

The reason Lagos state got a head start on other states as regards significant development is solidly based on developments made by virtue of colonial rule and being the FCT.

The biggest sea port was built in Lagos Nigeria, from all of our monies.. not Yoruba money…

The biggest international airport with international and cargo terminals was built in lagos, with all of our monies…not Yoruba money..

The longest bridge in Nigeria was built in lagos, with all of our monies… not Yoruba money..

Till this day.. there are assets, buildings, structures, roads, lands within lagos state with ownership still fully vested in the Federal government.

You can not buy, renovate, develop, construct or reconstruct them without federal approval and they were built with all of our monies – not yoruba money..

How does a state enjoy Federal funding, Federal patronage and Federal migrations for 77yrs and then 32yrs later you refer to it as a state belonging to one tribe.

Why are people not saying that Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ekiti states etc is no man’s land.

Why are they not naming any other state in Nigeria or in the whole of the west apart from lagos and referring to it as “No man’s land”.

All of your irritation over lagos being tagged no man’s land is based on greed, because based on Justice, that tag is apt.

No tribe in Nigeria should be able to solely lay claim / ownership of a state in Nigeria that was funded, built and developed with every other tribe’s money for 77yrs…

You may not like it… but it doesn’t change the fact.

Lagos did not become the 3rd largest economy in Africa off of Yoruba money or Yoruba resources…it earned that title off of Nigeria’s money and Nigeria’s resources…

Till date, the bulk of Lagos state’s funding is generated from tax, and tax funding arises from its population and that population arose yet again from its being FCT for 77 yrs… not from the fact that every other tribe just wanted to leave their home towns and come and dwell with Yoruba people in lagos.

This is the TRUTH and those who love to distort facts for their selfish gains may hate it.. But this TRUTH will forever remain salient.

Lagos claims it wants to build a Mega City. How do they tag it? Cosmopolitan Lagos!!! But it cannot rise above village people mentality. It cannot overcome the mediocrity of holding the city tightly within the claws of one tribe.

It’s like a man who says he wants to grow a gigantic business but hasn’t got the guts to turn it into a public company..

Abuja was named FCT in 1991. We have all sat back and watched Abuja grow from an obscure and under populated town… to a little london based on funding from all of our joint federal reserves…all of our joint efforts.

Tomorrow, FCT will be taken away from Abuja and people will gather to tell me that this Abuja, that large chunks of money from my own state – Delta state, was and is still being used to develop, build and grow, is Hausa land.

Cool story Bro..
Cool story….
Keep lying to yourselves.


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