Big Brother Titans 2023

Kiddwaya Fiancé Unfollows Him On Instagram

Men will not stop Menning..

Kidwaya hurt his relationship with his fiance for what? Games and vibes.

Kissing Mercy was never going to lead anywhere. It was a meaningless kiss..

He has no plans of dating her and Mercy also knows that she was just being a tease…

Kid liked the tussle and the chase, and like a real phool, he ignored the fact that he has a serious relationship and jumped on the thrill of the chase until he got that kiss..

Kidwaya feels nothing for Mercy, except maybe sexual attraction, of which, even if they had sex, there is no guarantee that they would be sexually compatible.

Regardless, he burnt his relationship with this beautiful woman he has publicized on his page and spoken/bragged so much about many times in the BBN house.

Kid has once said that none of the girls measure up to his girlfriend and he has been caught several times referring to his finance’ as his wife..

And sttttttiiiiiilllllll Kidwaya went and sucked faces with Mercy just for Cruise..Ruined his relationship for cruise wey no last 10sec..

He didn’t care that by kissing Mercy he was publicly humiliating & hurting his fiance and their relationship….

I’m sure he will expect her to understand that the kiss didn’t mean anything, its just cruise. But if the tables were turned he will never understand.

Men will not stop Menning…

Douches will not stop Douching..

Wreck a whole ship for temporary/ momentary pleasures…


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