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    In Business, Always Stick To Your Competitive Advantage

    This woman in my street sells Moi-Moi and it is so delicious. I believe she had customers patronizing her a lot. The problem started when another woman started selling fried Akara, yam, and potatoes.

    This other woman who makes delicious Moi-Moi shocked everyone when she also brought a table and started frying Akara and other things that the other woman sells. She paid less attention to the Moi-Moi and most times we go to buy, there will be no moi-moi.

    Well, the other woman was better at the business and this other woman who copied her wasn’t having many customers.

    Whenever I am passing by, customers won’t be seen at her table but they will be waiting for the other woman to fry and sell to them. She had to stop selling and it is obviously because she wasn’t making profit.

    It’s like someone advised her because I passed there today and she is back to selling moi-moi.

    Delicious moi-moi is back!

    I am happy for her that she went back to her true calling.

    Moi moi

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