“I’m Coming Back To Nigeria”: Lady Living Abroad Laments That Men Are Not Approaching Her, No man appreciated her beauty when she came out. Video Goes Viral

• A lady living abroad has expressed sadness that when she dressed up and came out in the open, no man spoke to her

• She said not even one person stopped their car to offer her a ride or to say something to her or on the road

• As a result of the scarcity of toasters, the lady said she is planning to come back to Nigeria where men would notice her

A Nigerian lady who lives abroad is not happy that men do not

appreciate her ravishing beauty.

The beautiful lady was seen in a video saying she dressed up and came out, and not even a single man stopped her to say something about her beauty.

The lady said no man appreciated her beauty when she came out.

Also, she said despite her dress and beauty, no car stopped by to ask her if she was going their way so as to pick her up for a ride.

She was angry and surprised at the same time because if it were to be in Nigeria, things would have been different.

The lady said she is going to come back to Nigeria because of the scarcity of ‘toasters’ over there where she lives.

Reactions from Twitter users as abroad lady vows to come back to Nigeria

@EruditeMee said:

“Na me worst pass, I no dey even notice anybody for road once I dey drive. Shey you want make cross a traffic light by mistake? Or jam cyclist?”

@MESIGO422 reacted:

“Then come back to Nigeria and start your walkerton.”


“Just like babes that will say they don’t want to date anybody except white men only for them to go abroad and still be hustling for Naija men.”

@AnthonyEbubeAnabuike said:

“Better come back to Nigeria… Men are only out there to make money not to look for woman.”

@EgwuSamuel49 said:

“Better stay where you are.. Subsidy have been removed.. Nobody is going anybody’s way now.”

@brickzofficial commented:

“Soon you girls will be the ones asking our hand in marriage and paying our groom’s price.

Couple gets married after meeting on Instagram

Meanwhile, reported that an Oyinbo man travelled from his country to be with a woman in Tanzania.

They had earlier met on Instagram where they fell in love with

each other.

On the first day of their physical meeting, the man proposed to her, and she said yes.

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