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“I Will Block Khosi”-Reality TV Star, Thabang Reveals (Video)

Reality TV star, Thabang, During a recent interview was asked to play a game of ‘Kiss, Marry and block” in which he had to choose one of the three options for each of his colleagues, Tsatsii, Khosi and Nelisa.

When asked who he would marry, Thabang quickly answered Tsatsii. It’s not a surprise he chose Tsatsii as they are known to have a close bond, often engaging in friendly banter and supporting each other.

However, Thabang next response shocked many people. When asked who he would block, he mentioned Khosi’s name.

Finally, The 21years old former BBTitans housemate revealed he will kiss Nelisa. His response spark reactions as Netizens speculates whether something is brewing between them.

Here’s the video below;


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