I Took Hard Drugs Before Making Love With My Girlfriend’s Dead Body For 6 Days – Suspect Confesses

A man named Ifeanyi Njoku has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, Precious Okeke, in an estate located in Badore, Ajah, Lagos State.

The incident took place on Oke Street, where Njoku allegedly killed his girlfriend as part of a money ritual. Reports indicate that a local spiritual practitioner instructed Njoku to engage in sexual intercourse with Okeke’s lifeless body.

Njoku reportedly engaged in this gruesome act with the corpse for six days, leading to a foul odor emanating from his apartment, concerned neighbors informed the estate security personnel, who conducted a search and discovered the girl’s body. Elizabeth John, an eyewitness, confirmed the discovery and revealed that Njoku confessed to the murder, stating that he Intended to use Okeke for money rituals.

He claimed that he had been instructed to have sex with her corpse for seven days, but he was caught on the final day.

The estate chairman was summoned to assess the situation, and during the apartment search, the girl’s body was found. Njoku was immediately apprehended and taken to the Lamgbasa Police Station.

During the subsequent interrogation, he confessed to killing his girlfriend six days prior. There are reports that he offered a bribe of N6 million to cover up the case.

It was also revealed that Njoku had brought his girlfriend from their village, and they were living together before the tragic Incident occurred.

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