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    I Love La Casera New Design And Branding

    The best thing The La Casera Company Plc did for themselves was rebranding, making a pet size bottle and also improving on the taste.

    Lacasera dey sell!!! I noticed it from the numbers of packs a shop here buys and within two days, it’s finished. I personally went from disliking Lacasera from the smell to the taste to mixing it with Desperados for a refreshing taste since I stopped taking soft drinks.

    They also reduced gas. You couldn’t take the old Lacasera without belching every 30 seconds and opening it could make your eyes water. No jokes.

    Before now, drink hawkers seldom carry Lacasera and if they wanted to, maybe two bottles but if you check the rubber of drink Hawkers now, you’d see them carrying lots of pet size Lacasera drink.

    They took a break and came back with a bang.

    Old design vs New design.

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