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Hushpuppi’s Greed Was His Ultimate Downfall

Another random thought

If Hushuppi did not indulge in conspicuous consumption on Instagram, if he was lying low to enjoy his loot, he would not be in trouble today.

Let me explain:

Hushpuppi is not that smart to hack into a private bank account or trick victims to send money to him.

According to the FBI, Hushpuppi belonged to a global criminal gang, he was just a small fry in the scheme of things.

Hushpuppi’s job was to provide bank account details, launder the money stolen, the commission he got for doing that is small and insignificant to compare to the total sum stolen by the criminal gang he belonged to.

The hackers doing the main work are not black, neither are they Nigerians.

They are citizens of Russia and North Korea and these hackers went away with the larger sum of the money stolen.

What these hackers do is simple; They hack into bank accounts of wealthy individuals or compromise emails of large institutions to divert money to bank accounts controlled by them and in most instances, foreign bank accounts provided by Hushpuppi.

Hushpuppi was so good that he could provide foreign bank accounts in a twinkle of an eye, whether Bulgaria bank account or Malta bank account, Hushpuppi could do that even if he was sleeping or having sex with one of his many side chicks.

Once the money is diverted, Hushpuppi would take his commission which in most part is not more than 5-10% of the total sum stolen and then sends the remaining 90-95% to the foreign hackers through Bitcoin.

Hushpuppi and his friends bought Bitcoin from which they sent the money back to the anonymous hackers.

The anonymity of cryptocurrency protected the identity of the foreign hackers.

Now, this is where it gets interesting:

Those foreign hackers from Russia and North Korea are in their home countries, enjoying their stolen loot and they will never be arrested by the FBI because of two reasons:

1) They are being protected by their home countries and their respective home country can never hand them over to the FBI for prosecution, never.

2) Those foreign hackers are anonymous as they don’t have any social media footprint.

These guys are not on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They don’t indulge in conspicuous consumption the way Hushpuppi did.

Ironically, they are richer than Hushpuppi but you will never see them on Instagram flaunting their latest Rolls Royce, they are not interested.

Their only interest is improving on their hacking skills, hunt for a new victim or large corporate to scam and divert his/her money.

Aside from being too greedy from the story with Chibuzor which I shared earlier, Hushpuppi’s biggest undoing and Achilles hills were his larger than life lifestyle on Instagram.

It destroyed him.

FBI actually tracked him through Instagram from where he was arrested and from what the FBI said.

Stay away from crime and fast money kids, it is destructive and does not pay, but if you choose to travel that route, good luck to you but learn from Hushpuppi’s ordeal.

The biggest lesson from his story is simple:

Don’t be too greedy as I wrote before.

Most importantly, if your wealth is not legit as you made it from money laundering, yahoo, pushing cocaine or Olosho, stay away from social media flamboyanc kids, you don’t need the validation.

Living life on the gram will be your greatest undoing, unfortunately, Hushpuppi has learnt this through the hard way but then, it was too little, too late.


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