How to Prepare Delicious unripe/ ripe plantain porridge




🔸Plantain porridge is easy to prepare, it takes the same preparing way as yam porridge, although with a little twist and slightly changes in ingredients.

🔸This delicious meal is usually made with unripe plantain, but however you can use a combination of ripe and unripe plantains to prepare this recipe. Some people do this twist in order to achieve a faint sugary taste.

🔸This unripe plantain porridge meal is very rich in iron and highly recommended for diabetic patients.


♦️4 – 5 fingers of unripe plantains or more/less
♦️2 medium sized onions
♦️Fresh/dried pepper (to taste)
♦️1 medium red bell pepper
♦️1/2 cup crayfish
♦️Shrimps or prawns (little)
♦️1 cup Palm oil
♦️Stock cubes (to taste)
♦️Meat stock
♦️Salt (to taste)
🔸Spices (African nutmeg, Aidan, uziza seeds, ginger, garlic or turmeric)
🔸Proteins (catfish, mackerel fish, goat meat, beef, stock fish, kpomo or gizzards)
🔸Vegetable leaf (fluted pumpkin leaf, curry leaf, bitter leaf, green leaf, scent leaf, uziza leaf or spinach)



▪️Wash, peel and cut the unripe plantain plantains into round bite size chunks and set it aside.

▪️Rinse and slice your vegetable leaves of choice and set it aside.

▪️Blend the crayfish and set it aside.

▪️You can blend the onions, fresh peppers, bell pepper, garlic, ginger and turmeric with little water and set it aside.

▪️Wash very well your proteins of choice and set it aside.

▪️Prepare your spices of choice and set them aside.



Step 1: In an empty pot, put in your washed protein of choice, add in your stock cubes, salt, onion, pepper and water. Turn on the heat and cook on medium heat, until it is done. After the protein of choice has done, remove it from the pot and continue cooking the protein stock.

Step 2: Add in your palm oil in the cooking protein stock and cook for 5 minutes

Step 3: Then add in the blended pepper mix into the pot and cook for like 3 minutes.

Step 4: Then add in the chopped plantains in the cooking pot and cook for 10 – 15 minutes.

Step 5: Then add in your stock cubes, salt, spices, curry powder, thyme, crayfish, shrimp/prawns and stir gently.

Step 6: Reintroduce your steamed protein of choice and stir gently.

Step 7: You can add in your sliced vegetable of choice and stir gently.

Step 8: Taste for salt and other seasonings and adjust if necessary.

Step 9: Turn off the heat after the plantain porridge has done properly and your unripe plantain porridge is ready to be served.



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Recipe is written by: Food Research Kitchen

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