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How To Make Catfish Pepper Soup



*Uziza Seeds

*Calabash nutmeg(Ehuru)

*Negro pepper


*Scotch bonnet pepper

*Utazi/Scent leaves




*Cut the fish and remove the guts and wash. Pour some water and let it sit for about 2mins. This helps to remove it’s slime and also firm the fish while cooking. Lastly properly wash with some vinegar and cold water. Transfer it into pot.

*Take out the shell from the Calabash nutmeg, negro pepper and blend. You can as well roast them on low heat for 2min, remove the shell and blend. Blend them and set aside.

*Roughly blend the onions, pepper and set aside.

*Add the blended pepper and onions, blend Calabash nutmeg, Uziza, negro pepper (Uda), salt, seasoning cubes, water and cook for 10minutes. Taste and adjust to some seasonings if necessary.

*Wash and slice Utazi leaves, add it to the boiling fish. Gently stir and let it simmer for 2mins.

*Your catfish pepper is ready

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