How To Cook Porridge Yam With Ugba(Oil Bean)



*Palm oil

*Oil Bean (Ugba)

*Scotch bonnet pepper


*Seasoning cubes



*Pumpkin leaves or scent leaves.


*Roughly blend the peppers and onions together, then set aside.

*Cook the cow skin till it’s tender and cut into tiny sizes and set aside.

*Wash and slice the pumpkin or scent leaves which ever you’re using into tiny bits and set aside.

*Peel the yam and wash until the water runs clean. Transfer into pot, add some water, salt and cook until 50% done/soft.

*Add the palm oil, roughly blended pepper, onions, some chopped onions, Ugba and let it simmer for a minute.

*Add the blended crayfish, seasoning cubes, cooked cowskin, stir and Allow to cook until it’s 95% done. Add the leaves, stir properly and let it cook for a minute.

*Enjoy 👍

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