How Ogbeni Aregbesola Left The 3 Unity Schools In Osun State Since He Became Governor

There were 3 functional model schools in Osun State before Ogbeni Aregbesola became Governor of the State – Unity Schools Ejigbo, Ikire and Osogbo.

Ejigbo was a coeducational boarding school; Ikire was a Male only boarding school; Osogbo was a female only boarding school.

The aim of the founding fathers was to run three schools that will serve as models to others in terms of infrastructure, school management and quality education delivery.

Those of us who attended these Secondary Schools know that there was a massive influx of students from across Nigeria to these three School, particularly Ejigbo. Aside the fact that the schools were tuition-free, boarding fees were really cheap and we got top quality education.

Unity Ejigbo was so prestigious that sons and daughters of important people in the country attended the School. A son of Late Chief Oluwole Awolowo was my Senior; two daughters and one son of Late Chief Alawode (007) were Students at about the same time with me and so on. The school had students from all walks of life. It was indeed a thing of pride to gain admission into Unity School Ejigbo in those days.

Ogbeni Aregbesola came into government and what did he do to these citadels? He turned Unity Ejigbo to a day and boarding school and effectively choked funding to it. He demolished a large part of Unity Osogbo, jam-packed what was left with Fakunle which he earlier demolished too. Whatever became of Ikire can only be imagined.

Today, those schools that were supposed to be role models of excellence are now models of the total decadence that descended on the public school system in Osun, beginning from the day Rauf Aregbesola became Governor. Sadly, the present administration has done nothing to reverse this trend, making them complicit in the destruction of the model schools.

Pictures below show what is left of Unity School Ejigbo, the citadel of learning that we were once proud to call our own!

On behalf of all Old Students of Unity School Ejigbo and by extension, other Unity Schools, we say a happy birthday to Mr. RAUF AREGBESOLA and we thank him for his commitment to the destruction of our Alma Mata. We also thank Governor Adegboyega Oyetola for his seeming indifference to the plight of these schools; we only hope that he shows concern very soon.

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