How Nigerian Are You? Funny But True Responses

So someone asked Twitter peeps how Nigerian are they and people are replying with very funny replies about how Nigerian they are. Let’s revel in our Nigerianness together.
1. It is an unwritten law that loud volume affects your sense of smell and sight, in Nigeria.
2. Weird question and answer session you say? Nah, not so weird.

3. This one that is doing a ponzi scheme on the low.

4. We all have trust issues.

5. We definitely don’t trust NEPA

6. Well, every Nigerian does. Yet to be proven if we are mutants or not.
7. Fuel is a precious commodity.

8. Two is the average number.

9. Yeah, our trust issues are pretty deep.
10. Wait, what? Are you telling me there is another name? I don’t believe it.

11. Could mean days of darkness.

12. Trust no one!

13. Eguisi soup, if you don’t mind.
14. Yes, noodles is indomie and indomie is noodles. Thank you.

15. We don’t want to receive a knock through the phone.

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