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How Kiki Mordi Stole Oge Obi’s Work – David Hundeyin

Kiki Mordi, As The Poster Girl Of My Generation’s I Must Blow By Any Means Mindset.

When the story broke 3 years ago that one Nkeiru Emordi, known by the monkier, Kiki Mordi, was the brain behind the groundbreaking BBC work “Sex for Grades”, I was so proud that a girl child had broken the glass ceiling.

I was pleased to see that there was a role model for my daughter.

A role model that my daughter can look up to in terms of courage.

A brave journalist who risked her life and limb to expose what Nigerian lecturers subject our daughters and girls to in exchange for higher grades

Kiki was rightfully in the spotlight when the expose was first published.

My senior friend and the director of the CLEEN foundation, Mrs. Josephine Effah-Chukwuma, celebrated her as the standard, the ideal, and a little girl who shattered the glass ceiling.

Unknown to her and to so many of us who were proud of her exploits, we were celebrating a lie, a fraud, but I will come to that shortly.

For some unfathomable reason, I followed Kiki on her social media accounts, including Facebook, Linkdin, and Twitter.

I wanted to drink from the fountain of her knowledge. I wanted to read what goes on in the mind of a lady who gave us the best investigative story of 2019.

Along the line, as I came across Kiki’s tweets, I noticed that something was off.

She was sounding more or less like an Ajengunle hustler. There was no grace, refinement, or native wisdom in her messaging and tweets.

I remember vivdily discussing it with one of my staff, Tayo, who is a big fan of hers, and I expressed my candid thoughts that I was not sure that Kiki was the one who did that BBC work.

Her tweets and public messages lack grace and do not portray someone who is intelligent enough to pull off the job.

I argued that Kiki, from her tweets, does not have the range to pull off such an A-class job.

I mean, look at Bella Disu( Mike Adenuga’s favorite daughter) running Glo for him. When you read Bella’s thoughts on Instagram and what goes through her mind, it is very easy to understand why she is doing a good job of running Glo in proxy for her dad.

She writes with such class, elegance, and intelligence that you don’t need to know that she is a 21st century CEO, but for KIKI, she is sounding like an Agbero, and an Agbero does not have the finess and intelligence to pull off that BBC piece.

I did not have any evidence to buttress my argument, so I left it there. My staff member, Tayo, supported her at that time, but I was not convinced.

First, fast forward to last year when a whistle blower came forward to allege that Kiki Mordi stole somebody’s work, which is the BBC sex grade documentary, and the original creator, Oge, was depressed and wanted to take her life because of how Kiki pushed her away by stealing what she did not have the range to execute.

The whistle blower was shouted down by a group of deranged female gate keepers who call themselves Feminsits.

At the end of the day, the deranged woman succeeded in shutting up the whistle blower, but you know, every lie has an expiry date.

When I saw the whistle blower claim, I went back down memory lane to the conversation that Kiki from her tweets had demonstrated to me that she does not have the range to do the groundbreaking work that I had with my staff.

The whistler’s claim validated what I thought, but since there was little or no evidence to back up my thoughts,there was no need to hold them in my mind.

Until two days ago, when Investigative Journalist David Hundeyin, released a bombshell detailing how Kiki, who was brought in by a BBC camera man and Kiki’s alleged lover, Charles, to steal Oge’s original work, passed it on to her as an exclusive, original to her.

David’s explosive work backed with receipts was the confirmation I needed to believe that this Kiki babe does not have the range to do such excellent work as the BBC sex for grades work.

Excellence is in the details. It is in the daily lifestyle, in the little things that matter and you can’t just fraud your way to it no matter how hard you try.

In case you missed David’s work, you can read it here

Journalism Career Graveyard: The BBC And Its West Africa Problem


Walk with me as David explains more

Kiki Mordi was a witness/victim brought in by the lead journalist on the documentary to say a piece-to-cam and go home.

What happened to change her contribution to the project from that of a radio host recounting an experience on camera to that of an “investigative journalist” (with no prior research or investigation experience) working on a groundbreaking Africa Eye documentary in a matter of days is unknown.

David then went ahead to make an explosive claim, which included the fact that

The BBC cameraman, Charles, who pushed away Oge, the original owner of the story, and then replaced her with Kiki Mordi, a C-listed radio presenter in Lagos, had a love relationship with Kiki, even though he is married, and the alleged sexual history between them is one of the reasons why it was easy for Charles to give Kiki a job that she did not have the range to do , which showed in her tweets and enagegement when she was still basking in the euphoria of stealing another person’s idea.

David then went on to conclude with these words, 3 years later, that Kiki Mordi has yet to do any meaningful work since after the “sex for grades” documentary.

Let me put this in its proper context.

Oge, the original owner of the sex for grade documentary, was tasked with some research for a possible story about sexual harassment of female students by lecturers at Nigerian universities by her supervisors at the BBC.

Unable to find the information she was looking for within her personal circles, Oge then decided to tweet a journal request on Twitter asking for people with experiences of such harassment to reach out.

One of the responses to Oge’s tweet came from a little-known radio OAP called Kiki Mordi. Not sure whether Kiki had a story to tell or not, Oge sent her a DM and the rest, they said, is history.

Because of a stolen work, stolen from Oge by Kiki Mordi, Kiki got an Emmy, grants, loads of money, traveled the world, won numerous other awards, and then japa’d to the UK.

She effectively built her entire means of livelihood and fame on someone else’s sweat while still being unable to produce any work worthy of even a church award since then.

Since I did not follow Kiki again on Twitter, I went to check her page to see if she had admitted to stealing someone’s work and then offered the necessary apologies with a promise for restutution and to do better.

Rather, what I saw was a thief who was chest thumping and playing victim as well.

For Kiki, it does not matter how much it costs to blow, the impact of her actions on Oge’s mental health must be blown by all means.

As I was reading her convuluted tweets, my mind went back to Efe Carter, the Instagram comedian and the Wizkid fan who stole the viral Machala song from the original owner, converted it to his work, and then later offered 100k to the song writer who made the effort to come up with the masterpiece.

Like Kiki!

Just like Efe Carter!

My generation wants to blow by all means, and it does not matter the cost.

Just blow and forget the old ways of trusting the process.

Kiki Mordi is the poster girl of what has come to be a culture.

an impunity that encourages young people to blow through any means possible

It is the same blow by all means that is driving the Yahoo boys to scam unsuspecting white people in the name of hustle.

It is the same mindset that influences our girls to join Olosho business where they can make 500k in a week rather than doing it the hard way and getting an actual job with decent pay.

Any decent job with modest pay is a pittance to these olosho babes and an insult.

The “blow by all means” syndrome is a problem, a new cultural shift, and a cancer that is ravaging my generation.

Young people do not want to put in the hard work again.

The old way of building brick and mortal, one brick at a time.

Everybody wants to take the easy way out, and nothing exemplifies this dangerous mindset better than what Kiki Mordi did and the shamelessness she was able to pull off.

By all means, this is good for the short term, but no society, in the long run, makes progress this way, with such a dangerous mindset.

What is more dangerous for me is that so many young people in our society today want to be the next Kiki Mordi, the next Efe Carter, they see what these 2 unscrupulous Individuals did as the norm rarhee than an exception and such a society is living in a borrowed time and will implode one day.

It’s just a matter of time.

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